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Intermatik Consulting - Dr. Sigurd Hess


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Rear Admiral Dr. Hess entered the Federal German Navy on 02 September 1957. His assignments in the fleet included Commanding Officer of the Fast Patrol Boat (FPB) “Tiger” (1961 to 1963), Commanding Officer of the Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) “Mölders” (1975 to 1977) and in 1979 Command of the Naval Task Force SEF 792.


RAdm Hess received undergraduate and graduate education at the US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Calif. and completed his studies in December 1970 with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Information and Control Systems).


From 1977 he served in staff assignments at the Fleet Command and at the Naval Staff in the German Ministry of Defence (MOD). In 1985 he was promoted to Flag Rank. Thereafter he served in joint assignments at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium and at the Armed Forces Staff in the German MOD.  He was promoted to Rear Admiral on 01 July 1991. From 1993 – 1998 he served as Chief of Staff of the
NATO-Headquarters Baltic Approaches (BALTAP) at Karup, Denmark. On 31 March 1998 he retired from more than 41 years of active duty.


From 1998 – 2000 he worked as European General Manager for the Armed Forces Communications and
Electronics Association (AFCEA). Since 2001 he is an independent Consultant for security issues (policy-oriented), for IT-security and military C4ISR systems (project-oriented) and for information operations (open source intelligence); Organiser, Presenter and Moderator at Conferences.


He is honorary President of the German Society for Maritime and Naval History, as well as member of many national
and international associations, including the German Maritime Institute and the International Intelligence History Association. His areas of interest, where he has also published many articles and book reviews include Political Science, Military History, Electronic Warfare and Information Technology.

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